The Baby Summit!

Recently on a weekend in August I attended “The Baby Summit”, which is a three day conference for photographers of newborns, children and maternity sessions.  It was a huge weekend, and I cannot express how amazing the Baby Summit is to extend your knowledge and improve your skills as a photographer.  From lighting, to styling, to editing, printing, marketing and pricing, The Baby Summit offered absolutely everything!  We were spoiled at having amazing vendors showing off their beautiful products and props, and I for one can say, I certainly spent a lot of money on new items for my studio!  Lol – (don’t tell my hubby!).

One of the other amazing things about attending the Baby Summit was meeting all the amazing speakers and presenters.  Not to mention so many photographers, just like me, who were all keen to learn, meet new faces, and simply be able to chat with someone else who understood the challenges we face in this business.  I came to the Baby Summit not knowing anyone, and left with a bunch of amazing, supportive new friends!

One of the highlights of the Baby Summit for me though, was taking part in the Seldex Scavenger hunt.  I joined a group of 3 other lovely photographers, and across the hectic 3 days, we ran around completing the activities, getting photos, making videos, collecting things and generally just making fools of ourselves, but having an awesome time doing it!  There a HUGE prizes up for grabs so there was no way we weren’t going to give it a go!  So many other Baby Summit attendees also joined in the fun of the scavenger hunt, and it was hilarious to watch the various teams getting up to mischief!

All in all, the Baby Summit was absolutely amazing.  I couldn’t recommend it more to any photographer, new or old to photographing newborns, babies, children and maternity sessions.  Regardless of your level of skill, or how long you’ve been in the industry, you’ll be sure to walk away from the Baby Summit, richer in knowledge, and most importantly, self value!Baby Summit Maja Pearson Photography 001 Baby Summit Maja Pearson Photography 003